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Life can be complicated, confusing, and convoluted. 


In an era where life around us can feel like it is constantly spinning. Whether it’s simply being a human in an evolving climate of understanding and compassion. The only constant in life is change– and I’m here for you through it.


Talking to someone can help. Reaching out for support highlights strength. And connecting with help can promote growth.


Are you struggling to understand what is going on around you? Are you experiencing life-transitions, seeking clarity, or  redefining your Identity?


Counseling can help detangle those thoughts spiraling in your mind.


As a Therapist with “Lived Experience”, I get it. My passion is working with individuals to discover who they are by finding balance, stability, and ultimately an authentic relationship with your Best Self.


You read that right. Your Self. Now more than ever it is crucial to connect with your Self.


It’s 2023 and the concept of Mental Health (especially focusing on your Self) continues to be stigmatized. To be Selfish is to have an understanding of who you are– whatever that may be.


When we lack awareness of our Self, we waver in our values, beliefs, and feelings. This doesn’t mean “little s”-selfish, where your goal is hoarding the AirLine oxygen masks at the cost of others. By focusing on your Self,you can put on your own oxygen mask in order to be present and available in your day-to-day life. 


“You can’t pour from an empty cup”.


At the core of my practice, Humanistic principles guide my work. 

What does that mean? It means I believe truly and deeply in:

Congruence, Unconditional Positive Regard, and Empathic Understanding


By providing clients with these conventionally defined “simple” supports, YOU are able to feel safe to explore your emotions and the thought processes they drive. As needed, I implement various other psychotherapy techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), and Somatic Experiencing to name a few.


I received my education from Teacher's College, Columbia University earning a Master’s of Arts in Psychological Counseling specialized with a Master’s of Education in Mental Health Counseling. My undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University culminated in a Bachelor of Science in Psychology while being an active member in Pi Gammu Mu (Psychological Honor Society). Originally from Miami, FL and Fluent in Spanish, I attended Magnet Schools with a specialization in Photography/ Fine Arts as I knew at an early age I wanted to help people examine their stories and create their narrative through moments in time.


In practice since 2008, my career has spanned both the public and private sectors throughout rural, suburban, and major metropolises (Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, NY, NY). I have had the privilege to work for nationally recognized Non-Profits (YWCA, Henry Street Settlement, Children’s Aid Society) as well as to develop connections throughout communities as an Advocate and Counselor. As I crafted a focus on holistic well-being, it prompted the creation of my private practice which allows me the flexibility toy assist individuals at the level of care they desire.


My passion is Perinatal Mental Health. With strong foundations focused on managing Anxiety, Trauma, and Depression. I have pursued advanced certifications as a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Counselor, a Nationally Board Certified Counselor, and a Trauma- Specialist. Previous areas of focus were Art Therapy, Play Therapy, and Animal Assisted Therapy– you’ll regularly have your co-counselor(s)-- Penny and Winston empathically listening in the background.


The most crucial component to receive the most impactful support you can receive is the Therapeutic Alliance (the relationship between the client and therapist). Basically, in order to be “successful” in Counseling, you need to feel safe and comfortable with your Counselor. 


As a Humanist, I believe in Authenticity and Transparency. A bit about me:  I am a parent first and foremost. Counselor second. I enjoy: Gardening, Yoga, and all things Disney. We might talk about boogers sometimes– and how the cycles of physical illness(es) in the community propel you to focus on your Mental Health throughout the everchanging seasons of Life. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Therapy. And that is 100% Okay.


Let me help you understand your story to create your own narrative.




Areas of Interest

Experience You Can Count On

VAWA Specialist: 
YWCA of Greater Harrisburg

  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Specialist at YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter assisting immigrant victims of domestic abuse self-petition to obtain US legal status

  • Assisted victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors & their families petition for Protection From Abuse Orders 

  • Assisted clients file and obtain Protection From Abuse orders, provided case management, resource gathering, and crises stabilization

Case Manager// Program Coordinator:
Henry Street Settlement

  • Awarded a Federal grant to design and implement a program for "Young Adults between 18-21 considered "at-risk" to further their education and/or gain meaningful employment

  • Helped group(s) continue to higher ed. and/or obtain stable employment  through job training while providing case management, individual and group counseling.

Professional Counselor Specializating in Kids & Teens:
Private Practice

  • Client focus: children and youth experiencing extensive trauma and/or abuse, specifically, but not limited to, those currently (or previously) in the foster care system utilizing Art and Play Therapy techniques.

  • "Expert Witness" subpoenaed for Child Abuse// Child Sexual Assault cases 

  • Case Management// Alliance between State systems, Foster Agencies and Juvenile Probation Services

Behavioral Specialist Consultant// Mobile Therapist:
Private Practice

  • Mobile Therapy Services in school, community, and home settings focused on helping children and families with a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, Trauma, Emotional Disturbances and/or behavioral challenges in order to create stability and support.

  • Supervised Bachelor's Level Therapists/ Support staff working in direct-care to children with a Mental Health Diagnosis.

  • Formulated, designed and implanted behavior/emotional modification plan(s) for behavioral/ emotional triggers to assist children and families sustain stability in daily lives

Support Group Leader: International  OCD Foundation Group Facilitator

  • Led local chapter providing support for individuals/family members managing OCD diagnosis/symptoms​

  • Connecting community members with local resources

Research Assistant:
Penn State University
(Multiple Projects/ Labs)

  • Language & Cognition studies: recognizing patterns of Speech, Language Acquisition, Memory Studies. ​

  • Center For Family Studies: r at-promise families to obtain quality Early Child Care and Education and mental health resources to promote familial bonding and education assistance.​

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